Poems by me

my day

I stare at  my blind, beige bland nothingness, pulled down, shut off, no world out there to explore.

i go no where i see no things I am alone.

I create need where there is none, pretending i’m significant, reading articles from long dead men,

creating nothing , being nothing,

if i disappear , who will notice.


Dreams of forgotten men…

I didn’t know you would be there, in that dream.  I was so surprised to see you there.   I laughed as I sat in your lap while you drove.  You laughed as I kissed you, three times, running my hands through your hair. I thought you were long forgotten . I was surprised you lie there in my subconscious. I’m surprised I still think of you. I loved you , but I forgot you. I wonder if you dreamed of me the same night , some Karmic miracle….