What made me happy today?

4/4 I saw the lunar eclipse this morning. It was great. It was a full moon when I pulled out of our street, buy the time I got to 59 it was half done. It was one of the shortest lunar eclipses ever and I saw it – 4 minutes!!!!

3/20 Had wonderful lunch with Laura and Dee. Ate sushi and then drove all the way home playing every song in my play list singing the whole way. I cannot wait to move back.

3/19 Went to OHIO! Had a great time with Maria, Saeshin and Noah. A handsome man at the next booth overheard Maria and I talking and told me that he found me fascinating!!!

3/18 Went to award ceremony for outstanding adjunct ( my second nomination!!). Didn’t win but met nice library group.

3/15 Went to see The Kingsman’s Secret Service and out to breakfast.

3/13 Went to see the Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. Renewed my library card yay!!!!!

3/12 Went swimming today and Jeff took me to a Samari place for dinner. Had Captain crunch sushi, too. It was delicious!

3/10 Went swimming today !

3/8 Not much fun today, but Jeff and I did have a good dinner at Longhorn.

3/7 Met my Meijers goal and am getting 24.00 in free food on my next shopping trip.

3/6 Talked to my dad and then sang every song on my playlist all the way to Ohio and back!!!

3/5 Got a pedicure with hot stone massage and a manicure today, then got a haircut and new highlights!

3/4 Happy I finally feel better and can talk.

3/3 Jeff played and sang “Surfin Bird” at dinner. He says it’s the greatest song ever. (It’s not.) Made Rachel crazy.

3/2 – What made me happy today? I’m finally starting to get over my cold. I lost 6 pounds on it.


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